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Experience a new passion for classic Maserati GT's.

You have been enjoying a classic Jaguar, Lancia, Aston Martin, Mercedes, … for years. Obviously you have a taste for heritage and superb quality, you are after the full experience, you enjoy the savoir vivre…

Surely you have heard about classic Maserati’s: the 3500 GT, Mistral, Ghibli, Khamsin, Bora, … or you’ve had the chance to take a ride in one. Perhaps the time has come to add one to your garage.

Here at Classiche Masters we are looking at the people running the modern day workshops that are putting the magic back into the classic Maserati GT cars. We focus on the finest workshops specializing in classic Maserati restorations, showcasing their skills. And we provide a clear path to the ownership, the restoration and enjoyment of classic Maserati GT’s.

We bring you the experiences through a book and digital media.
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