Maserati Mistral Coupé - 4.0 litre - 1968

Complete expert restoration to the highest quality. Matching colours, exterior and interior, as it left the factory in 1968.


At Tralli Franco we have been restoring classic Maserati for over 40 years. Franco is relying on a historic team, with Paolo working alongside him for 37 years! Together with the team, we are working on the mechanics and the engines of Maseratis, from the 50s to the 80s. The first restoration, also a Mistral Coupé was commissioned to Franco in 1979 by a great vintage car enthusiast, a Modenese dentist who had fallen in love with Maserati to such an extent that he started, with Franco Tralli and other enthusiasts, the first historic Maserati Register.
Since then many classics have been restored by the team: 3500, Quattroporte, Sebring, Mexico, Ghibli, Indy, Bora, among these also very prestigious cars such as the Maserati 5000 Shah of Persia, a Maserati A6G Frua Spyder, a Maserati A6 1500.

To give a full service to clients, we collaborate with local craftsmen specialized in restoring the bodywork, the interiors and the electricals.
e.g. Franco worked together with the Carrozzeria Franchini (founded in 1953 by Franchini - Bonfiglioli - Gianasi) since the 60s at Maserati in Modena. The founders had worked in the Maserati factory on the construction of the accessories/options that the customer wished for at the time of purchase, e.g. headrests, glove boxes, ...

When we are entrusted with a car for a complete restoration, we take care of coordinating the various phases of the work with our selected and trustworthy craftsmen who deliver a warranty on their work.
This particular Maserati Mistral 2 Posti was entrusted to us for a complete restoration. After an initial inspection, the car turned out to be complete. But it certainly needed a thorough repair of the body. We had to redo the floor because it was damaged after a flood. We coordinated the work with our longtime partner Carrozzeria Franchini, as always they delivered their best work.

For this car, the upholstery was entrusted to the Maieli brothers. A company that has always shown outstanding professionalism. They have been collaborating with us for about ten years. We like they are meticulous, patient and offer great precision when preserving or reconstructing the interiors. In the case of this Mistral, they preserved and restored the colour of the leather.

Here is an overview of the mechanical work we did:
Engine and Lucas injection overhaul with provision for unleaded petrol and installation of a second petrol pump. Rebuilding the front end with the painting of all front suspension parts. Renewal of all silent blocks, revision of all parts of the steering, steering rods, steering box, steering return, an overhaul of all aspects of the brake system, brake pump, brake booster, brake callipers, stainless steel brake cylinders, all brake hoses replaced, leaf spring revision, an overhaul of the front and rear shock absorbers, renewal of all bearings of the front hubs, reconditioning of the differential.
Rebuild of window lift motors, dashboard instrument review, starter motor and alternator reconditioning, new electrical system, water pump overhaul, clutch revision,
overhaul of Borrani wire wheels, new muffler kit, ...

We hope you enjoy our work.

Francesca Tralli & Franco Tralli, September 2020

  • Chassis number: AM 109.A1 *1580*
  • Engine number: matching (accepts unleaded fuel)
  • Build year: 1968
  • Body: Berlinetta
  • Transmission: ZF 5-speed
  • Matching number: Yes
  • Matching colours: Yes
  • Price: upon request


Screenshot 2020 08 05 at 11 52 27 AM
Screenshot 2020 08 05 at 11 52 27 AM

The Mistral was introduced at the Torino Salone in November 1963 as a "Berlinetta 2 posti". Its design was by Pietro Frua, and it was the first model to be named after a wind. Le Mistral blows in France's Rhône river valley southwards towards the Mediterranean coast.

The Mistral also is known as the Tipo 109 is based on the short chassis used by the Sebring. The design of the front was innovative and relied on pure lines. For the first time, the whole air intake was located under the full-width front bumper. The rear used an unusual hatchback configuration with large glass panel and slightly rearward leaning back end.
The assembly of the first Mistrals did not actually start until the early months of 1964.

The foundations were essentially unchanged from late 3500GT and Sebring specs, with a leaf-sprung rear axle, four-wheel disc brakes. The Mistral was launched in 3,5-litre form, but a majority of them were produced in either the 3,7-litre or the 4-litre version. A total of 844 cars were built between 1963 - 1969. This Mistral is one of the 454 cars with 4.0 engine. In 1969 the model was retired as the last of the in-line 6 cylinder model evolution.

This Mistral comes with the Lucas fuel injection of the oil-less type and a ZF five-speed transmission. The engine has been modified during restoration to accept unleaded fuel. This car is from the second series which was released in 1966 with new tyres dimensions and gauges. It has Boranni wire wheels.

The engine is a six-cylinder, in-line, light-alloy block with a capacity of 4014 cc and a power output of 265 hp. According to period brochures, this car could go to 255 kph.
At the wheel, this Mistral feels light and is an alternative to excessively wide and heavy modern sports and grand touring cars. The interior is very spacious for both driver and passenger. It still has it's original leather and carpets. During the restoration, the interior has been carefully cleaned and preserved by Interni Auto Maielli based in Canedole, Mantua - Italy. For the bodywork and paint job, Tralli Franco works closely together with Carrozzeria Franchini in Modena.


This Mistral was restored to Concours condition by Franco Tralli, who's premises are 20 minutes northeast of Modena in Bomporto. As he married Giuseppe Candini’s sister, you won’t be surprised to learn that Franco initially worked with Giuseppe until they established separate workshops.

For decades, the Bomporto workshop has been the go-to place for clients coming from afar, even northern Europe. They are more than ever buzzing with enthusiastic staff proud of their high standards. Franco very much spoke from the heart about them and how excellent a job they are doing at being the second generation to which he is passing the baton. The Trident indeed runs in the family as he gave his daughter who helps in the office a fully restored Mistral Spyder.

Here is a small selection of pictures that were taken before and during the restoration. Much more is available, documenting the revision of parts and the restoration of the body and interior.

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