Marc Sonnery and Maseratis

Marc Sonnery Maserati Tipo 151 Lime Rock

Marc Sonnery, author of the book “Maserati, the Citroën Years 1968-1975” is looking at the people running the modern-day workshops that are putting the magic back into the classic Maserati GT cars. In a book, he will focus on the finest workshops specialising in classic Maserati restorations, showcasing their skills. Marc wants to provide a clear path to the ownership, restoration and enjoyment of classic Maserati GT's.

Marc has been passionate about Maseratis since his father who was successively CEO of Citroen in Sweden, Portugal and Germany, brought Maseratis home when he was a child during the 1968-1975 era. He has written many Maserati history articles since 1992, is the first journalist ever to drive a Maserati Tipo 151, the only one left owned by the Auriana collection, in September 2018 in the USA for an Octane magazine feature. He organized KHAMSIN QUARANTA in 2012 with 27 Khamsins including the prototype, Marcello Gandini in person and Ermanno Cozza and Fabio Collina attending officially for Concours judging. He also created the Maserati Khamsin Registry in 2004 and with a lot of help and work has gathered data on about 345 of the 430 cars built.

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