Meet the team

It's been a rather busy period for the past 12 months. Travelling to the various locations throughout Europe, preparing, transcribing, translating, editing, selecting the right content. We wouldn't dare to calculate the hours that were spent on the road, or in the editing room.
Counting the warm welcomes, however, is easy, because all workshop owners, their staff and the various personalities greeted us with open arms. Nothing but respect and appreciation for their work! You will get to know them through the book and this website. Here is a brief introduction to the prime team members:

Marc Sonnery. If you are part of the classic Maserati scene, you probably know (of) him. He speaks a zillion languages, writes for international magazines on Maserati or Ferrari and has been passionate about Maseratis since he was four years.

Rutger-Jan Cleiren
and Kasper Mols, founders of BRUUT Collective. The young guns in charge of photography and video. They are Dutch, although RJ isn't, then again he is. Only time will tell. They are splendid guys with the heart in the right place for classic cars and craft beer.

Onno Hesselink
is in charge of the design and layout of the book and this website. He is writer, designer and publisher of Trident, the Belgian Maserati club magazine. Oddly, he is also Dutch or not, must be a creative thing.

Their full-length bios are available on the team page.

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