Lapré Engineering

Deventer, The Netherlands
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In Deventer, which is one of the five oldest towns of the Netherlands, we met Mervin Lapré founder of Lapré Engineering. Young and ambitious he is already vastly experienced, and his dynamism is also visible in the Italian racing motorcycles he competes with during weekends on circuits across Europe. Very much a forward-looking proponent of modern technologies he remanufactures parts actively with a lot of smart thinking invested in the process. During our visit, he had several cars in mid restoration, which were very interesting to review. We talked with Mervin, his colleague and also Mervin’s son who started young and already has an impressive work ethic, so the future of the company is assured. He has customers from across Europe and riding in a 3500GT he restored we understood why.

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The book is available here.

Videos, lots of videos. That is what we have for you. Take an informal look inside the workshops. Visit the studio of Adolfo Orsi, watch Ermanno Cozza talk about the first Maserati engines. As if you are just passing by and have a couple of minutes to spare.

Lapre maserati restoration 2 big image 3000 2160
Lapre maserati restoration big image 3000 2160

"... dry-fitting all the trims and parts is essential before chroming and painting. We make sure that everything fits properly before it goes to the chromer and after the parts come back from the chromer..."