Talks with the experts

In the book, you will find chapters with Ermanno Cozza, Fabio Collina, Adolfo Orsi, Ivan Ruiz. From their experience, they give their view on the restoration and maintenance of classic Maserati GT's and the history of Maserati. You can watch videos of informal talks with them. Please sign up below.

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Classiche Masters personalities Adolfo Orsi 2 big image 3000x2160
Classiche Masters personalities Adolfo Orsi 1 big image 3000x2160

"... you can't evaluate a car based on the model, you have to look at each car individually if you want to understand the value it has."
- Dottore Adolfo Orsi, Historica Selecta -

Classiche Masters personalities Ermanno Cozzai 1 big image 3000x2160

"...with the arrival of Citroën, it was extraordinary ... the Orsi family already put Maserati on a world stage , and we were known worldwide for our cars. Yet we were a handcrafted reality, even if we had a big name. When Citroën came, they did great things."
- Ermanno Cozza, Maserati historian -

Classiche Masters personalities Fabio Collina 1 big image 3000x2160

"It is fantastic to see so many people share a passion for Maserati. This quickly leads to new friendships."
- Fabio Collina, Maserati Classiche Dept. Manager -

Big image Ivan Ruiz 3000 2160

“I have had several Ghibli Spyders and when I parted with my last one, I felt I had made a mistake. So, I found this Spyder in Florida, in 2011.
- Ivan Ruiz, technician & engineer, -

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