Leo B. Peschl Classic Sports Cars

Cologne, Germany
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Austrian born Leo Peschl was successful in the trucking industry establishing a vast Caterpillar network in Russia which allowed him to indulge in classic Maserati. Unsatisfied with the care he found on the market, he started his workshop in Cologne Germany and set about applying his typical perfectionism and productivity to the task, which resulted in a wonderful and well-organised workshop. A one-man per car methodology is in place. His innovative thinking and Teutonic sense of organisation have covered every aspect from parts sourcing to 3D printing, from identifying as precisely as possible the production variations between the first and last versions of any given Maserati model. All this is the result of an enthusiast driven approach, of his quest to establish the utopian workshop.

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The book is available here.

Videos, lots of videos. That is what we have for you. Take an informal look inside the workshops. Visit the studio of Adolfo Orsi, watch Ermanno Cozza talk about the first Maserati engines. As if you are just passing by and have a couple of minutes to spare.

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" ... we have developed five different air conditioning systems [for the 3500 GT's] from the very early cars to the last cars ..."

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