1958 Maserati 3500 GT

A Maserati 3500 GT from 1958 with early type features. The perfect candidate for a concours restoration.

3500 GT Rood 23
Pictures of this early 1958 3500GT are available upon request.

The Maserati 3500 with chassis AM101*212* is a very early car. It was sold from the factory in Modena directly to Mr Roberto Cantini in Milano on July 14th, 1958, for 3.956.000 Lire. Delivery of the car was made on September 1st 1958. Very particular for this car are the lung-shaped air vents on both sides of the car. This rare feature was introduced on only a handful of early cars (other examples include chassis numbers 101.102 and 101.202).
Apart from the air vents, this 3500 GT has many of the features visible in the very early models such as the distinctive seats, different instruments, early-type engine with the external oil pump, etc.
The car was originally delivered in paint colour “Grigio topo”, and the interior was “Pelle Rossa” or red leather with carpets or "tappeti" in “Grigio Scuro” or dark grey.
It is the perfect subject for restoration back to these stunning original specifications.

6 Cylinders in-line, 3.485 cc, with early-type triple Weber carburettors, body by Touring n° 5264

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  • Chassis number: AM101*212*
  • Build year: 1958
  • Body: Coupé
  • Transmission: ZF S 4/17
  • Matching number: Yes
  • Matching colours: No
  • Price: upon request
AM101 212 Maserati Classiche Historical A
AM101 212 Maserati Classiche Historical A
3500 GT Rood 13
The French instruments in the dashboard are already mentioned on the test sheet from 30/08/1958: "Instrumente Jaeger in Francese"
AM101 212 Maserati Classiche Historical B
AM101 212 Maserati Classiche Historical B

After seeing pictures of the car, Mr Marc Florie, administrator of the AM101 register wrote:

"The side vents were optional, and you can see them on my website at 101-102, for example. http://www.am101.org/3500_thecars_1.php

The orange side indicators are probably not original.

The rear lights seem to me to be original for early cars, except for the glued-on reflector on the bottom glass. The brand is Siem, and they were replaced in 1960 by a slightly larger reflector (Altissimo / Carello). They are, it seems, deeper in the body, so you hardly see the chrome surround. I haven't seen this like this before I guess, but it's always difficult to see from just pictures.

I also notice the other instruments, but I know that early cars had different ones than later ones.

The engine is early with external oil pump and oil filter and a different timing chain tensioner. Seems original to me. The internal engine number 105 on the front left could indicate a chassis number around 101-210 as the cars were only numbered with even numbers.

It already has the front triangle windows in the doors but no chrome trim on top of the rear fenders. I would expect the latter to be original."

3500 GT Rood 18
A detailed picture of the left-side lung-shaped air vent. This rare feature was introduced on only a handful of early cars. Other examples include chassis 101.102 and 101.202.

When researching this car, one of the previous owners emailed the picture below. He wrote:

"I quickly found a picture I took without the front bumper at the time. Please note that this vehicle had "French' language instrumentation for items such as the Fuel Gauge and Water Temp Gauge names etc. As part of what I understood were modifications made in Europe to this car, it had no chrome trim strips on the tops of the rear fender line, and the rear tail lights were "frenched in" or extra metal was extended out from the rear fender around the taillight lens area. I owned this car in the mid to late 1980s and purchased it in a local private sale from someone who brought it in from Europe. All documents relative to prior ownership of the car(several owners in Italy) were provided to the next owner who resided in the Baltimore, Maryland USA area. Besides repainting the car, I rebuilt/ refurbished many items, including the starter, carbs, master and slave cylinders, fuel pump and brakes, and replacing the original headliner with a matching fabric found locally. You will find that Maserati used various parts from UK Vendors such as Salisbury and Girling. If the car is running, please ensure the owner puts in about two(2) gallons of 50 wt oil in the sump and that the engine is fairly warmed up before proceeding down the road. This car was designed to cruise over 100mph all day. The trim piece I have for under the front hood is a cheap sheet welded aluminium angle in a squarish size that fits around the perimeter of the engine turned under hood insulation matt, and that also had a small fixture on it for a light. Probably a replacement could be fabricated cheaper than the cost to ship it internationally. I will send you a photo. As an aside, I was probably hooked on the 3500GT at an early age as there was a convertible driven in the movie Love Is A Ball with Glen Ford as one of the actors circa 1960s.

Maserati 3500gt back in the days Mr Boyd
This pIcture was taken by Mr Boyd in the USA, at some time in the 80s. Note that left-side lung-shaped air vent is opened. A rare feature introduced on only a few of the early cars.
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