1967 Maserati Sebring - Series II - 3.7 litre

Delivered in 1967 in Milan. One of 134 cars made with the 3.7-litre engine.


Combining a sporty line with a very classy presence, Michelotti drew the final stage of the 3500-legacy. This Sebring arrived at our workshop, partially disassembled. At first glance, all significant components were there. The body, on the other hand, wasn't in good condition. Lots of rust in various places, and when opening enclosed spaces, we discovered a lot of dry mud. This leads to the assumption that the car had been stored away in a flooded area some years of its life.

As this is 1 of only 247 Sebring series 2, we agreed with the car owner to finish the project to a concours worthy state. With the highest level of detail, we restored the body, refitted the trim and reupholstered the interior. As for the engine, it is needless to say we had to make it run on the original Lucas mechanical injection. So after overhauling the engine, we carefully examined and restored the Lucas injection.
The car runs beautifully smooth with the engine being very responsive overall, a sporty classic with loads of charisma. After restoration, the car competed in several concours, with a 2nd place at the Concours Het Loo in The Netherlands. For our team who put many hours of labour into the car, that was the icing on the cake.

Patrick Hanssens and his team, November 2020

Mistral classics
  • Chassis number: AM101/S10*571*
  • Internal engine number: 0681
  • Build year: 1967
  • Body: Coupé
  • Transmission: ZF S 5/20
  • Matching number: Yes
  • Matching colours: Yes
  • Price: upon request


Sebring am101 S10 571 history2
Sebring am101 S10 571 history2

Quote previous owner:

"La comprai a Lodi vicino Milano nel 2002 da un anziano commerciante di auto d 'epoca che è morto alcuni anni fa' . La Sebring era stata ferma diversi anni in un garage di una villa nel Veneto perché l auto aveva avuto problemi al motore."

"I bought it in Lodi near Milan in 2002 from an old vintage car dealer who died a few years ago. The Sebring had stood several years in a garage of a villa in the Veneto region because the car had had engine problems."

Sebring am101 S10 571 history1
Sebring am101 S10 571 history1
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First runner-up during its first outing at Concours d’Élégance 2018 in Paleis Het Loo, the Netherlands.

It was common for cars to be delivered from factory to customer, without the intervention of a dealer. After the initial delivery from the factory to the customer directly, the car suffered engine problems and the vehicle was recovered to the Maserati factory in July 1967. The engine was seen to but during the test drive it broke down.

At that moment it was decided to replace the engine with another engine from the factory with internal number “0681”. This engine was a factory spec engine, provided and installed at the Maserati factory. Therefor it can be considered as the original one. Fabio Collina, Maserati Classiche Department Manager confirms this in an email on April 26th, 2018.

The car had been standing in a garage for several years with engine problems before Mr. Tito D’Eustachio bought the car in 2001. In 2002 and 2003 there is evidence that the engine was overhauled. Proof of this is available on invoices from Carrozzeria Campana and a handwritten note explaining the work involved.

Screenshot 2020 08 06 at 09 00 08 AM
Screenshot 2020 08 06 at 09 00 08 AM
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