Maserati Mistral Coupé - 3.7 liter - 1966

Presenting a timeless elegance and craftsmanship, this impeccably restored Mistral Coupé with only 300 kilometers

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MBL Classics is a member of Classiche Masters, a group of elite workshops globally recognized for their work on classic Maseratis. This collective comprises twelve companies worldwide dedicated to restoring and maintaining classic Maserati GTs from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s​.

The team at MBL Classics comprises over 40 individuals who have honed their skills and expertise in classic car restoration. They utilize advanced machine tools such as laser cutting, precision welding, and large metal treatment ovens. This combination of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology has led to a reputation that attracts clients from various countries, including Sweden, Germany, and Poland, entrusting their prized vehicles to MBL Classics​.

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  • Chassis number: AM 109*652*
  • Engine number: matching (accepts unleaded fuel)
  • Build year: 1966
  • Body: Berlinetta
  • Transmission: ZF 5-speed
  • Matching number: Yes
  • Matching colours: Yes
  • Price: € 195.000,-

The car and its restoration

The 1966 Maserati Mistral 3700, with its 3.7 engine version and chassis number AM109/652, holds a fascinating history and remarkable restoration. Produced in Italy in 1966, this classic beauty embarked on an international journey, being imported to the United States and later returning to Europe in 2013. It was then purchased by the current owner in January 2014, setting the stage for a meticulous nuts and bolts restoration that would bring the car back to its former glory.

Currently located in Belgium (Wallonia), this Maserati Mistral 3700 has travelled approximately 300 kilometres since its restoration, showcasing its pristine condition. The restoration process itself was an undertaking that left no stone unturned. Every part of the car was restored or replaced using the highest quality components. The restoration was carried out with meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful decisions, drawing from the experience of previous classic Maserati restorations.

The restoration work was primarily conducted by MBL Classics, one of Europe's classic Maserati restorers. Additional engine work was performed by Atelier 524 in France, ensuring that every aspect of the car's performance was meticulously addressed. From the restoration of the Borrani wheels by the factory in Italy to the usage of period Connolly leather from HVL in Holland, no expense was spared in preserving the authenticity and beauty of this iconic vehicle.

While the car remains true to its original specifications, a few notable modifications were made during the restoration. The engine was converted to Weber carburettors, enhancing reliability. A limited-slip differential was also fitted, adhering to the car's original specifications. Aston Martin and Jaguar provided the necessary parts, as they offered a similar system as an option during the period. Furthermore, Sabelt 4-point seat belts were installed to accommodate taller drivers, although they are intended for something other than track use.

Since its restoration, the car has been stored in a dry garage in Belgium. Regular maintenance and care have been provided, ensuring that the vehicle remains in impeccable mechanical and cosmetic condition. The car will undergo a final servicing before delivery, guaranteeing its optimal performance.

Regarding documentation, the restoration of this Maserati Mistral 3700 has been meticulously documented with photographs, and invoices are available for inspection. The owner has also requested Maserati Classiche certification from Fabio Collina, adding an extra layer of authenticity and prestige. The car has undergone the Belgian technical control required for registration, further attesting to its roadworthiness.

The asking price for this exceptional Maserati Mistral 3700 is 195,000 Euros, but the owner is also open to sensible offers. The seller, a private individual, assures that the car comes "as is," and MBL Classics will conduct a final check before delivery to ensure its impeccable condition. Professional photos of the vehicle are available upon request, providing a detailed visual representation of its exquisite beauty.

Potential buyers are welcome to arrange for an independent inspection. This allows interested parties to have a reputable expert assess the vehicle's condition and verify its exceptional quality.

Owning the 1966 Maserati Mistral 3700 offers a unique opportunity to possess a meticulously restored classic car that embodies timeless elegance and craftsmanship. With its captivating history, exceptional restoration, and outstanding condition, this vintage masterpiece is a prized gem waiting to grace the collection of a discerning enthusiast.

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