MBL Classics

Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland

After landing in Warsaw, we drove 120 kms southwest on excellent motorways to the city of Piotrków Trybunalski. There we met the enthusiastic Piotr Stępnicki, manager of MBL Classics, a subsidiary and neighbour of the parent company MBL, world-leader in the production of wheelchairs. Consequently, the +25 people working on classic cars not only benefit from highly skilled craftsmanship but also from a plethora of amazingly advanced machine tools such as laser cutting, precision welding, as well as large metal treatment ovens etc. It is not surprising that clients from Sweden, Germany and Poland, among others, send their cars here. We saw a two-toned Mistral Coupé and drove a 3500 GTi on a nearby airfield.

Classiche masters cvr MBL
The book is available here.

Videos, lots of videos. That is what we have for you. Take an informal look inside the workshops. Visit the studio of Adolfo Orsi, watch Ermanno Cozza talk about the first Maserati engines. As if you are just passing by and have a couple of minutes to spare.

MBL Classics heli big image 3000 2160
MBL Classics big image 3000 2160

" My staff are car lovers. They are passionate about cars. Most of them are plus 45, so people with experience. This is what is really needed for the restoration of classic cars. You need to have a lot of patience. You need to sometimes think twice and cut once to cut it the right way. "