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Kimpton, United Kingdom
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It was from the late founder Bill McGrath that Andy Heywood took over the eponymous company in 1990, based in Kimpton north of London. He has developed the workshop very successfully as the UK’s pre-eminent classic Maserati specialist for restoration and maintenance. When you consider that the UK is the nation with the oldest Maserati club and with one of the most numerous and fervent classic Maserati owner communities, you begin to take notice. Andy is not only as knowledgeable as they come regarding the intricacies of classic Maseratis but very well-spoken and forthcoming in terms of invaluable information. With his dozen dedicated technicians and well-run office, he can tackle any job from full restoration to simple servicing to the highest standards. While waiting for the delivery of your car, you can buy the odd Maserati scale model or book while sipping your espresso: what more could one want.

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the book is available here.

Videos, lots of videos. That is what we have for you. Take an informal look inside the workshops. Visit the studio of Adolfo Orsi, watch Ermanno Cozza talk about the first Maserati engines. As if you are just passing by and have a couple of minutes to spare.

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