1969 Maserati Ghibli Spyder 24 smvsx8

Classic Maseratis Sentiment after Monterey Car Week 2023

Recent auctions during Monterey Car Week showed mixed feelings about classic Maseratis in the market. Model type, provenance, condition, and market perception determine their sale prices. Sellers, buyers, and enthusiasts should approach these classics with a well-informed perspective. While some models and modifications (like the Ghibli Spyder Conversion) received positive attention and were considered good deals in Monterey, others, like the 3500 GT, had surprising outcomes, with sales prices significantly lower than expected. These changes highlight how people see classic Maserati models differently and the possible benefits or problems when selling/buying them at auctions. Here's how to positively change that perception by adding confidence, transparency and trust.

Condition and Documentation
The condition of the car, along with comprehensive documentation and a known history, significantly influences the final sale price. A well-maintained Maserati, with complete records and a proven history, can command a higher price. However, cars with an unclear history, missing restoration details, or without a Maserati Certificate might sell for less. This can happen even if the vehicle has low mileage or looks good.

Education on Restoration
Buyers don't always know much about the cost of restoring a classic Maserati, or they like to learn about Maserati's Certificate of Authenticity. We're here to help by giving information on what to look for in a vehicle and how to increase the quality and value of a car. From experience, we know what it costs to revive a classic Maserati.

Buying or selling old Maserati cars can take time and effort. It's important to know a car's history and its condition. Sellers who don't invest time, effort, and care leave too much for the potential buyer to figure out and get penalized. It's a buyer's world out there. New owners are happy to pay for quality but have plenty of options to fulfill their heart's desire.

That's where Classiche Masters steps in. We bring transparency, confidence, and trust to the equation, ensuring our clients have all the insights and support they need. Whether you're looking to buy, restore, or sell, we are here to elevate your classic Maserati journey.

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1971 Maserati Ghibli 49 SS Coupe 60 g5krmz
1971 GHIBLI 4.9 SS AM115/49*2272 ~ SOLD $313,000 with an estimate of $300,000 - $350,000 (Photos by Gooding & Co.)
1961 Maserati 3500 GT Coupe 54 wvxyyn
3500GT AM101.1730 ~ SOLD $106,400 with an estimate of $225,000 - $275,000 | Without Reserve (Photos by Gooding & Co.)
1969 Maserati Ghibli Spyder 24 smvsx8
1969 GHIBLI 4.7 Spider Conversion AM115*804 ~ SOLD $445,000 with an estimate of $250,000 - $300,000| Without Reserve
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