The road ahead

I am always positive about every action and publication, which helps remember the Maserati story, if done with passion, fairness, and historical precision.

There are many newsletters and magazines of Maserati clubs around the world. These publications are addressed to the members of the national clubs and written in different languages (such as Italian, German, French, Dutch, Japanese, English, and probably

also other languages as well).

The result is that, more often, interesting articles have a limited reach, and many Maserati enthusiasts are totally unaware of what is happening in other parts of the world or within other Maserati Clubs.

Your idea is, therefore, brilliant and positive. A publication that is 100% dedicated to Maserati and addressed to a worldwide audience was missing. This magazine should have the ambition to bring new and refreshing content, as well as a selection of the best

articles published around the world, and an overview of the most important activities of each national club.

The collectors are often people with strong personalities, individualists who are driven by their passion for the brand, for love for their cars and for the story behind them. It is worthwhile to get started.

I wish you the best of luck.

Dottor Adolfo Orsi

Editorial in Alfieri Magazine #1 published in February 2021

Alfieri 1 content Adolfo Orsi bw