Harder, better, faster, stronger *

These four spartan words gained global fame when Daft Punk, the French electronica band, scored their iconic hit back in 2001. Their take on the original Olympic motto "Citius, Altius, Fortius" is the "filo rosso" throughout this edition.

Did you see the Fuoriserie Grecale in the Galactic Orange metal paint, chrome red-gold windows, and special Vortex Wheels? This special order from Mars shows Maserati wants to go beyond the Earth's boundaries! In the expansive Maserati cosmos, Mars is hot as the metaphor for the brand's huge ambition and aspiration.

At the turn of the 20th century, Carlo Maserati also dreamed of the unimaginable and turned his goals into reality. As the family's patriarch, he paved the way to success for his brothers and their family name by testing and developing many innovations. Often overlooked in Maserati's history, our tribute to Carlo puts the record straight.

Adding technological refinements and adopting electricity is a strategic choice for Maserati. CEO Davide Grasso states the company will only produce electric vehicles by 2030 and is on target to offer a fully electric version of all models by 2025. However, it's not the brand's first attempt at EVs. A report in the 1976 UK club magazine Trident triggered us to learn about the earliest electric Maserati. During WW2, an era where political and economic uncertainty created tension, electricity seemed a solution to keep the automotive world moving. Sounds familiar, no?

Also always on the move is Giovanni Soldini. As captain of the Maserati Multi70, he often soars over the open oceans. When onshore, we hired him as our private chauffeur in a Levante Trofeo. It was a privilege to be navigated by this humble man and determined skipper.

The old adage of 'reaching for the stars' was revamped for the recent global premiere of the new Grecale. We've driven the new SUV to discover the new standard for all of Maserati's future models is about being "harder, better, faster, stronger".

If you bought a new Maserati in 2001 and still have it in your garage today, you know it's challenging to find parts and proper servicing. So we spoke with the people that do their utmost to keep the Youngtimers running. In Maserati's universe, "work is never over".

We hope you enjoy Alfieri magazine, the first in its second year running. Thank you for being so supportive, and please keep sending us your stories.

Pedro Cappelle

* Work it harder, make it better
Do it faster, makes us stronger
More than ever, hour after hour
Work is never over

Editorial in Alfieri Magazine #4, published in June 2022

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