Ain't nothing but a GT thing

In tune with the 75th anniversary of the first Maserati GT, this edition of Alfieri Magazine focuses on the history, philosophy, people, and cars that render these two letters "GT" into an immersive experience. From the A6 1500 to the new GranTurismo, the story is one of Maserati's Grand Tour spirit. This long tradition holds iconic models such as the 3500GT, the 5000 GT, Sebring, Mistral, Ghibli, Bora, Khamsin, the Biturbo (oh, yes indeed) and 3200 GT, followed by the first generation of GranTurismo in 2007.

So with the help of car owners, dealerships, readers, experts and Maserati staff, we're happy to present Alfieri #5, the GT edition.

Since Maserati's exuberant live performance in September 2020, the first half of this year has been about delivering on promises and meeting expectations. Remember the Grecale launch and the Cielo presentation. Or how about getting back to racing in GT2 and Formula E while teasing Project24? Equally important are the certification activities for classic cars in the Classiche department. Keeping the financial stakeholders informed is also a priority, of course. With multiple dedicated teams at Maserati rolling out the results of past years' blood, sweat and tears, it's safe to say many plates are spinning. We hope this will benefit the cars, their owners and, more notably, improve brand perception.

Speaking of plates, this issue dedicated to granturismo would only be complete with a bite-sized culinary treat directly from the Modena region.

I hope you enjoy this jampacked issue and relish the delicacies we have prepared for you. Grazie Mille to all contributors and readers around the world.

Pedro Cappelle

Editorial in Alfieri Magazine #5, published in October 2022

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