Beauty knows best!

"Who needs an analogue watch? Who needs a Hermès Birkin bag? Who needs a paper magazine? The same people who appreciate the craftsmanship and a moment of physical interaction. I struggle to consume all these sources of creativity that agencies send me via email because I cannot sit in front of a screen and pretend I'm getting inspired. While sitting in my favourite space in my home with a nice Italian Espresso and a real magazine... my hand allows me to be inspired by sending a signal to my brain, saying it's time for creativity. It's psychological. Also, never save on the paper quality and continue to make it enjoyable to go through Alfieri Magazine. Keep doing that."

Encouraging words by Klaus Busse, Head of Design at Maserati, who further elaborates on his work in this edition. He considers the work secondary to that of the engineers. So we also feature Federico Landini, Vehicle Line Executive Sport Vehicles, who explains how to maximize performance. With their teams, they contributed tremendously to the success of the MC20 and the Cielo.

During one of those creative times that Klaus refers to, my brain associated the Cielo with Sky and from there to "Push the Sky Away". This album by Nick Cave has a particular cover, an unintended snapshot of Nick and his naked wife, Susie. This image triggered a flurry of disapproval from the public, questioning why his wife was naked and he wasn't. His reaction: "I understand why people may have found the cover disturbing, but in the end, beauty knows best – it leads us beyond our narrow notions of what is appropriate into the realms of the enigmatic and discomforting. Here, beauty creates a dissonance in the mind that inflames the imagination."

These words apply to Maserati and their take on audacity. So next time someone disapproves of Maserati, the heritage or their current lineup, just cite Nick Cave: "Beauty knows best!"

Enjoy this edition of Alfieri Magazine.

Pedro Cappelle

Ps. No instances of ChatGPT were harmed during the making of this edition.

Editorial in Alfieri Magazine #6, published in March 2023

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