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1954 Argentine Grand Prix: a toast between (from left to right) Juan Manuel Fangio, José Froilán González, Argentine President Juan Domingo Perón and Nino Farina.

Maserati's debut in F1.

On January 17 1954, Maserati made its debut in F1 and entered the pinnacle of world motorsports with the 250F driven by Juan Manuel Fangio. He piloted his Maserati 250F to victory at the season-opening , the Argentinian Grand Prix, ahead of the Ferrari 554's of Nino Farina and José Froilán González. Fangio claimed the 1954 World Drivers' Championship after taking victories for Maserati and later for Mercedes.

To put this in context: the 1954 Argentina Grand Prix was a turning point for Maserati. Their initial intention with the new formula had been to make a car suitable for the wealthy privateer, easy to set up and reasonably reliable if driven with respect. They weren't racing for love. They were racing for money. While the racing team were busy at the track, the management in Italy was active with government meetings and negotiations.

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Fast forward to 2021

Motorsports in its genes, horsepower rooted in the spirit of pure competition, unprecedented wins and unrivalled achievements, Maserati celebrates its racing past and, in particular, Fangio's victories in the 250F with the F Tributo Special Edition. The special series is available on Ghibli and Levante in two exclusive colours - Rosso Tributo and Azzurro Tributo.

F for Fangio, the driver who made his mark in that era.

Tributo, an obvious homage to the glorious victories of the past.

Red is the colour of Italian motorsports. Historically, Maseratis frequently raced in this colour, representing Italy in motor racing in the early years of the last century.

Blue, so bright and vibrant, reminds us of one of the colours, combined with yellow, in the flag of Modena, the brand's home base.

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