The new Maserati Classiche Certification programme is live.

Behind the scenes, Maserati Classiche has been working intensively on its new services. An official press release and an updated subsection on the international website were launched on December 14th, 2021 to announce they are officially open for business.

Launching the Certification programme, currently for road cars only, is a small first step for Maserati. But, it's a giant leap for the Maserati community and the car owners. In the long term, it will undoubtedly benefit the quality of the cars we all love so much. The first road car certified by Maserati Classiche is a Mistral 3700 produced in March 1969 and displaying a silver Auteuil livery. The well-known documentation services offered by Fabio Collina is obviously involved in the programme. His department remains a separate business within Maserati Classiche.

Their services include:

18700 Maserati Classiche
Spare parts will become available from 2022 on.

Here is what we know about the Maserati Classiche Certification programme

18697 Maserati Classiche
18697 Maserati Classiche

Meet the Maserati Classiche team

Cristiano Bolzoni is a car enthusiast and owner of several Classics. He joined Maserati in 2006, becoming formerly responsible for Maserati Academy Aftersales training in 2009. He has been new to the team since late 2019, early 2020. He knows the company and its culture and is now in charge of the Maserati Classiche department.

Michael Micik is an Alfa Romeo enthusiast and owner of several classic Alfas. After involvement in a Formula One engine development contest, he was head of MC12 racing engine assembly in Maserati Corse and in a former job responsible for Ferrari Corse Clienti for the "XX Programme". He is transferred from Ferrari and handles all certification activities. He is also in charge of developing the spare parts programme in conjunction with Cristiano.

Fabio Collina is a well-known friendly face, always available for a chat and a cup of coffee. He has been responsible for the Historical Archive for more than 10 years and remains the primary contact for all things related to documentation in the Maserati Archive. He works in conjunction with Cristiano and Michael.

18699 Maserati Classiche
A look inside the Maserati Classiche department. All images courtesy of Maserati S.p.A.