Alfieri magazine edition #1 - limited availability - a single copy


In the first issue, published in February 2020:

  • Fangio, Fantuzzi & Maserati: the history of one very special 300S
  • Kyalamities. An infatuation for a future classic.
  • Maserati in miniature.
  • Carchitecture.
  • The Nettuno engine: a masterpiece of engineering.
  • Maserati Famiglia days 2020.

The independent magazine for and by Maserati enthusiasts delves into the glorious past and discovers the brand's exciting future, focusing on photography, design, lifestyle, and architecture. It is already perceived as a collector's item, printed on soft-touch paper to give it that premium feel.

Alfieri magazine is published 3 times per year and is the result of a cooperative association of Maserati enthusiasts.