Alfieri magazine ~ subscribe and receive issues 1, 2 and 3 in 2021 ~


You are looking at the first issue of Alfieri Magazine, the independent magazine for and by Maserati enthusiasts.
When you buy a subscription, you will receive three issues in 2021. The first issue will be delivered in January. Next issues in July and November.

In this first issue:

  • Fangio, Fantuzzi & Maserati: the history of one very special 300S
  • Kyalamities. An infatuation for a future classic.
  • Maserati in miniature.
  • Carchitecture.
  • The Nettuno engine: a masterpiece of engineering.
  • Maserati Famiglia days 2020.

And furthermore:

  • Everything Maserati
  • Famoso Maseratisti
  • Also a Maserati
  • La Bella Diva
  • Maserati for dummies
  • Don’t DIY
  • Maserati in the wild
  • Club news

Alfieri magazine appears 3 times per year and is the result of a cooperative association of Maserati enthusiasts. It contains In-depth features and gives new insights into the Maserati realm. It is printed on high-quality paper with a soft-touch laminate cover.